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We are asking that you please wear your masks to church until further notice and cooperate with the following requests, as your safety is a high priority for us. Please keep in mind that we practice these precautions not only for our own protection but for the protection of our neighbors and those who may be especially vulnerable to the disease.

  • Wear masks to church. A few masks will be available for those who forget to to bring their own from home.
  • When you come into the church please take your bulletin and find your seat. Remember, 4 feet apart except for members of the same household.
  • One-ounce hand sanitizers and individually packaged hand wipes are available to pick up at the back of the sanctuary for you to use in church. Please use these before you go up to receive Communion as additional protection for the celebrant.
  • To facilitate collection of the offering, an offering plate will sit on a table on the right hand side of the aisle near the first pew. When you come forward to receive communion, you may place your offering in the plate.
  • During the Peace, please stay in your seats and wave or give the peace sign to one another.
  • Communion will be taken in one kind, the bread but no wine. Remember that the consecrated bread alone constitutes a complete Communion.
  • Rather than kneeling at the altar rail to receive Communion, we ask that you stand in one line down the middle aisle and keep 4 feet distance apart except for members of the same household. In other words no crowding around the altar.
  • The worship service is limited to 50 minutes. Please leave the church immediately after the dismissal and if you wish to chat and catch up with one another please do so outside, not inside the church building.
  • Maintain COVID precautions in the bathrooms. Spray the toilet bowl handle, the faucets and door handle with the cleaner provided.
  • We need to add fresh air to the Sanctuary after the service in addition to running the A/C or heat to help clear the air.
  • Finally the obvious--if you feel sick--cough, sneezing, colds--please stay home. You have access to the service via Zoom. Rev. Miriam sends the link to the parish email list a few days prior to the service.

    Parish Announcements

    SUSTAINING EARTH, OUR ISLAND HOME: Our diocesan Sustaining Earth coordinator Deb Baker attended Sunday service to share information about thecarbon tracker and other resources for the parish and for individuals. For more information about this program and how to participate, visit the Sustaining Earth website.

    THE WAY OF LOVE: The Presiding Bishop Michael B Curry invites us to practice The Way of Love, practices for a Jesus centered life. The Lenten program for the Diocese is grounded in these practices. You can learn more at The Way of Love.

    ST. STEPHEN'S SCHOLARSHIP FUND: St. Stephen's Scholarship Fund: Please consider making a donation in any amount large or small to the Scholarship fund. We have given our first two awards this year and really want to keep the fund healthy and growing so we can have a small part in making some dreams of higher education come true for students in Pittsfield. Donations in any amount are accepted.

    Parish Information

    HOMEBOUND VISITS: Our lay Eucharistic Visitors are available for regular visits to homebound parishioners.

    VESTRY MEETING MINUTES: Approved Vestry Meeting minutes are posted on the bulletin board in the Undercroft.

    PARISH FAMILY SUNDAY: Held on the last Sunday of the month throughout the year. Parishioners are invited to volunteer to take the gifts of wine and wafers to the Altar Rail during the Offertory for consecration. They are also invited to host the fellowship coffee hour in our Undercroft following the service. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board at the back of the church. You are encouraged to participate in this ministry!

    PRAYER CONCERNS: Information received by Wednesday will be published in the following Sunday bulletin. Please note that permission must be granted from the individual before a name is published, and in all cases, confidentiality must be a major consideration. Once the prayer concern is satisfied, please ask that the name be removed.

    ALTAR FLOWERS: If you would like to make a donation for flowers in remembrance or celebration, request forms can be found at the back of the church. Requests must be received two weeks in advance of the specified Sunday.

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